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Gridding: Load a Surfer ASCII grid fileΒΆ

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Gridding: Load a Surfer ASCII grid file
from fatiando import datasets, gridder
from fatiando.vis import mpl

# Fetching Bouguer anomaly model data (Surfer ASCII grid file)"
# Will download the archive and save it with the default name
archive = datasets.fetch_bouguer_alps_egm()

# Load the GRD file and convert in three numpy-arrays (x, y, bouguer)
x, y, bouguer, shape = gridder.load_surfer(archive, fmt='ascii')

mpl.title("Data loaded from a Surfer ASCII grid file")
mpl.contourf(y, x, bouguer, shape, 15,
cb = mpl.colorbar()
mpl.xlabel('y points to East (km)')
mpl.ylabel('x points to North (km)')